How to make the most from online marketplaces
Shaun Latham shares how you can aggregate your e-commerce product catalogue to other marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Kogan and Catch.
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Upskill and grow that beautiful business of yours.OK, let's do this.A listener production.Today's special guest made his mark selling sex toys,which led him to uncovering a special skill ahead.
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Now get your mind out of the gutter as that special skill was simply knowing how to optimize the use of online marketplaces.So if you're selling products,then you gotta love what he shares.In fact, you're about to discover how to access a whole lot of money.You may well be leaving on the table.
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It's in all over the shop episode 556 of the 12 year old award-winning small business Big Marketing Podcast.Welcome to small business marketing show was successful,small business owners shared their souls to change our marketing shrink truly.Now here's your host. Mr Timbo Reid,and welcome back to your weekly dose of cryptic marketing.
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I'm your host Timbo read an I have an insatiable curiosity for uncovering marketing strategies and ideas that help businesses just like yours to grow.You so much more importantly,your motivated business owner ready to crank out some great marketing to build that beautiful business of yours into the empire.It absolutely deserves to be an that is,exactly. That's exactly why this podcast exists.
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As per usual team, there is marketing GOLD dripping from the ceiling over here at small business,Big Marketing's HQ. So let's get stuck,right it?I hang about after today's interview as we hear from listener Melissa Peacock,who's built A6 figure business from scratch in just two years with everything she's learned.
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From this podcast, I love those stories now.Big thank you to my old cohost looki for introducing me to today's guest Sean Latham.So why Sean? Good question.Well, way back in 2006,Sean was stuck in a cubical as a web developer for a big telco.
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In his own words, he had a safe but boring job.I guess we've always had one of those,so he escaped that cubical and founded dot AU.As you do, using his development skills to automate the order fulfillment with these various suppliers,which at the time was pretty unique.
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Now he supplies was so impressed with his work,they asked him to do it for their own sites,plus they asked him to list all their products on the various marketplaces around such as eBay and Amazon etc.And this is where it gets interesting.Sean did the math and figured out that he'd make more money selling the picks and shovels,IE doing the automations that actually mining the gold,IE running a retail site.
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So that's what he does now.What's blowing my mind is Sean's belief that if you're a product seller and are only selling through your online and or offline stores,then you are leaving a bucket loader dough on the table by not selling through the plethora of marketplaces that are now available online.So if that's appealing, hang around after the interview is sure makes a very generous offer just for you.But before we get into the serious stuff,let's talk 6 specifically. How did a young fellow from Melbourne's well heeled inner suburbs with a secure job start selling sex toys online?
00:04:14 - Tim
Once I started my business,
00:04:16 - Shaun
I think it was back in 2006 after leaving the corporate world,I had a digital date agency,a small digital agency, and one of the clients asked me to build a adult toy site and I thought,well, that will be a bit of fun.So we did that and they needed to integrate with one of the suppliers and I had a bit of experience in programming,so we connected an API up to a number of suppliers and didn't really think much of it.
00:04:44 - Shaun
And then down the track one of the supplies you know you know,how did you do that thing?I mean, it's it's kind of pretty cool,and so he got chatting with them and they had a client that was also interested.And so I started to build some of these sites and I saw that little bit of a buck in this,so I went and looked on the interwebs and this is going back a few years where if you could buy the domain actually counted for something not so muchnow. But I was able to dot AU.
00:05:15 - Shaun
Negotiate with the Chinese gentleman,but eventually got there. And how much?Oh, look it wasn't. It was about 5 grand I think.Yep, so yeah. So we got it up and running and I was able to connect it up to a number of marketplaces and we ran it for a fewyears. Just pause the show.
00:05:32 - Tim
I want to understand that you as a developer that rolls off the tongue and I connected it to a couple of marketplaces,which is what you do now.So you are going to explain that detail.But what you meant was you own this domain.You weren't about to go and buy a warehouse and stock it with dildos.
00:05:50 - Tim
Excuse my French, you just wanted to drop be a drop shipper,so really it could have been any product it happened to be sex toys correct?And you figured out how to.I don't even. I'm using my hands here slipping under the door of each of these dildo manufacturers and other sex toy manufacturers and coordinate some kind of someone boughtthat from you. Could you please ship it to them?
00:06:13 - Tim
I don't want to know about it type set up,is that right? You spot on so it was a drop ship model which for those are not familiar.
00:06:20 - Shaun
There are wholesalers in Australia and you know we only worked with Australian drop shippers or wholesalers because you know people on the web.They want their product quickly so we started with one and then next thing you know we were dealing with all of them and the industry association building their websiteand it sort of grew from there but so we run it.I'd say for about three years and then you know it was reasonably successful.One thing about drop shipping is that you get your first sales and you get all excited and you think you're going to be rich.
00:06:53 - Shaun
But after your ad spend and your costs from marketplaces and you might be using a digital agency,it all kind of adds up.So I think the profit margin was around 20%.But I think it's you know we might have been doing 30 a month at the peak,but which sounds like a lot.
00:07:11 - Tim
But after your costs it was lucky to be a full time wait,30 grand a month turnover.Yes yeah OK yeah but it prove it prove something to you.Obviously yeah it did. It kind of ran its course and there was a couple of reasons we ended up selling it,so I don't know if you remember there was so hang on,hang on, you're not getting it out of six torchat so quickly.
00:07:34 - Tim
I'm interested to know what your wife thought at the time.Were you married at the time I was and slept till now.Sorry bout that discussion darling dot AU.Starting a business selling dildos any thoughts?Well I thought it would be fine 'cause I thought I'd married a good Catholic girl but I actually I think.
00:07:53 - Shaun
Married the wrong type of good Catholic girl because she wasn't overly impressed.So that was a bit awkward at that time.We had young kids and you know,there's a lot of school functions and what not.
00:08:06 - Tim
And what do you do with the question that gets asked and and if I told the truth,
00:08:12 - Shaun
there was a lot of fun and frivolity at the table,but you know if my wife was sitting at the table,I would get a kick out of the table and I'd have to say,well, I'm an IT professional and that was the end of the conversation.So it was a bit of a realization killer.
00:08:28 - Tim
That one, yeah. OK, so it's a secret business.It's doing OK. Will you enjoy it?I was in a look.It was the naughty boy in me.Ask about you know it was good but you know I guess a couple of things.
00:08:43 - Shaun
The wife wasn't impressed, which I mentioned and it wasn't really a big enough for me.And as the kids get older,you know, I just thought I looked at its time and there was a,uh, if we can kind of move on from that now.There was a couple of factors that you know,I guess led me to selling it,
00:09:02 - Tim
and one of those was there was a there's a Penguin update or or you know there's a series of Google slaps,a Google algorithm update, correct?
00:09:11 - Shaun
And one of those was aimed at.Adult sites and so we got put in the sandpit.I think at the time they called it and there was also another factor so the wholesalers.Were sending me referrals to other adult sites.They were saying, well, you know you kind of got it hooked up.
00:09:30 - Shaun
Can you help us? You know we've got 1000 clients that have retail stores that I'd love to kind of get,you know, a connection to catalog and drop ship.And I didn't really think that was,you know, something that I wanted to be sure,but they said when they charge 90 or pay 90 bucks for that,I was kind of doing the maths and you know,worked out. I could make more money doing that and if I kept my own website that was kind of a conflict of interest,yes, and I guess just circling back to the marketplace stuff.
00:10:01 - Shaun
One of the keys to this success of that is we were able to get the products on marketplaces quite early before a lot of other people sort of foundthat that was an Ave.
00:10:11 - Tim
And again, the system. So let's just close the six or discussion 'cause I your your discomfort is starting to make me feel uncomfortable as well.Do you sold it to your SCO guy?I did. Yes, I was speaking to my sea guy about the,
00:10:26 - Shaun
you know, the slap at the time.So shout out to fat SCO.Ross, he said, look, I can probably fix it and you know I said well,do you want to buy it and he said yeah OK so we came to a price.And how much look I won't disclose that he can tell you,but OK, look, it wasn't.
00:10:45 - Shaun
It wasn't big dollars and he he managed to revive it,which was great. I mean,he's an SCO guy. That's his area of expertise still running it to this day.So if you do need some toys team,that's where you can go.
00:10:58 - Tim
I'm already there, javian. You mention my name is sure will give you a discount.Tell me an interesting discussion when you do get a slap by Google and you might not know the answer to this.'cause obviously you left it to Ross your SCO guy,but you're a programmer. Believing that online space didn't,what did Ross do in order to get that domain back up and running and found in search?
00:11:22 - Tim
Yes, well look, there's a few issues.
00:11:24 - Shaun
I mean, back in the day,everyone did a little bit of Black Hat O.There was a bit of that going on,so there was eseo. Yes,yes, I call it Gray hat.
00:11:35 - Shaun
But anyway, it was also some.I guess poor backlinks was one of the issues.I think he mentioned. Yeah,right but look. These are technical question that he'd probably need to answer,but I know that was one of the things I think he just.
00:11:50 - Shaun
He did work on backlinks.I know that was one of the things I mean with their CEO.There's only really a couple of levers you've got.You're kind of on page stuff,and you kind of off page stuff.
00:12:02 - Shaun
And that's effectively backlinks and a lot of it comes down to writing content and articles.But I must say particularly enjoyed your podcast with the SCO Studio Hawkeyes Harry Sanders.And are dropped in to see them the other day.
00:12:16 - Tim
So yeah, yeah, he's awesome.I was actually going to give him a plug because if there is any listeners out there who have been black band for whatever reason by Google on a particularsearch term or whatever or or a whole website,then Harry Sanders at Studio Hawk SCO in Melbourne who won the best SEO agency in the world last year,quite incredible will help you out.
00:12:38 - Tim
Tell them that Timbo sent you and they'll particularly after you or not so so Shawn we have left.And then you can have big side,but even just let all that all that nervous energy out you know we're leaving dot AU behind but it did enable you to start your current business,which is info Bites Media.Now I'm really interested in this.
00:13:00 - Tim
Is the topic we haven't covered you help product based businesses increase sales by selling on marketplaces like Kogan,Catch, eBay, Amazon. First of all should every product based business be doing this?Yes, is the short answer,
00:13:16 - Shaun
but some will benefit more than others,so and it does depend on the marketplace as well so.With the marketplace is they're getting more and more crowded so the people who benefit the most are those that are the wholesaling or have their own brand or theirown unique product. Because what happens like let's go back to toys for a minute.If you had a product that had a barcode which many other drop shippers are selling,the marketplaces will often match on that bar code and eBay and Amazon do this a lot.
00:13:51 - Shaun
You'll notice if you go and.Find 1 product that will list below that product.Here's other sellers that are selling the same product or similar product and the list the price so it becomes a race to the bottom.Basically the guy with the cheapest product wins,so that's not really a game that's worth playing.
00:14:13 - Tim
So OK, so it works really well is where you have your own product with individual barcodes that no one else has.That's when selling on marketplaces.Is of greatest benefit and probably the best margin absolutely.Or you might. It might be a product that maybe you're sourcing from overseas and you've got an exclusive license to sell in Australia.So yeah, right yeah, just real off the marketplaces.
00:14:38 - Tim
'cause there are there's quite a few,but I mean maybe top ten.
00:14:42 - Shaun
Yeah look and they're popping up daily so look at it all started.The granddaddy was eBay which started I think around long time ago hours and yeah and then from there I guess catch was probably the next big one there beingaround for eight or nine years.Kogan shortly after that, then you know recently to the party Amazon.There's my cell group with China number of online sites and daily deal sites.
00:15:08 - Shaun
Are there been around for probably 8 years my deal?Click frenzies, launching another one which were involved in that launches mid June?That's going to be a big one 'cause they were quite a big email list and that's going to be called Friends Central.That's friends FRENZ. And then there's a bunch of kind of little niche marketplaces that are popping up depending on your product.
00:15:34 - Tim
Happy mobile phones. You know there's one sort of popping up sort of in vertical marketplaces focusing on one niche.There's an 8020 rule apply here.Sean, where really, you know 20%of the market places in any given niche or category are going to produce 80%of your sales on those on marketplaces.
00:15:52 - Tim
Yes there is, and it very much depends on what the product is.
00:15:56 - Shaun
So look if it's tech.Something like Kogan will give you more bang for your buck if it's kind of homewares or beauty products,you might want to look at it.Catch of the day. For example,
00:16:08 - Tim
you know, maybe an Amazon.You don't necessarily need to be on the mall infected.It probably cost you money unnecessarily to be on the mall.
00:16:16 - Shaun
Yeah, look, it's best to cherry pick it and we can advise customers on the best marketplaces for their product.And sometimes some just get really crowded and it's not being not worth being in that space.
00:16:27 - Tim
So yeah, we'll work with them to work out what's easiest.OK, so I'm I'm a product based business.I've got a bunch of SKUs that are my own that no one else has.What's involved in getting them,and assuming I can go to you,we can go to info,bytes, media and you guys can do it all,but maybe I don't have the budget.
00:16:47 - Tim
Or maybe I want to do it myself.What's involved in getting one product onto 1 marketplace?Is it like just uploading a listing to eBay?Have you used the ecommerce site before and you feel like a Shopify?
00:17:00 - Shaun
I'm going to assume a lot of customers would be yes,and most of those e-commerce platforms have some sort of tagging or.Categorisation so to use our product if once you install our app it's as simple as tagging a product with the tag Kogan.Our app will do the rest.Well, possibly the world's simplest integration happen.
00:17:21 - Shaun
I built builder for myself,selfishly for the toys because I needed a way of doing it so it kind of stemmed from there.And yeah, we sort of rolled it out to Joe Public or actually we currently would be to be so business to business so we can.You can tell my websites,
00:17:38 - Tim
not that fancy. I think you pointed that out earlier.No, yeah, I didn't. Actually you.You told me that when we first thing we spoke offline before,but yes I OK. So you've actually created an app because again get just going back.OK, if I want to use info Byte media to get all my products on marketplace.
00:17:56 - Tim
You've got this app that I can.Again, it's really just uploading stuff.Ticking a box to which marketplaces I want my products to appear on,but I would imagine like any marketplace you know you want to make sure you've got a great image.You've got a great headline.
00:18:12 - Tim
You've got great copy. There's a number of variables that you need to get right.Essentially, it's like writing and add your app doesn't do that,does it? No, so so the way that it works.
00:18:23 - Shaun
Well, maybe just step you through the process.So let's say you've tagged products in Shopify with Kogan that basically just flags the products that you want to list on that marketplace.So our app will then pick it up.It will filter through. You might want to maybe tweak some titles,put some margin on, or tweak price.
00:18:41 - Shaun
So there's a few extra attributes that you can change and you can do that through our app.Currently we're doing a lot of that for the client we are taking that on board one of the big tasks is actually mapping the categories from your e-commerce storeto the categories in the marketplace.So if you're on multiple marketplaces,that can be a pretty tedious task.
00:19:02 - Shaun
So we take that on board because we're experienced with doing it every day.We've got, you know, full time person that sits there and does that,and then once we've got the data right.And we're happy with the data that will sync the inventory.It'll push it to Kogan in this example,and we work with the marketplace.
00:19:20 - Shaun
That's the other time saving benefit of using us is we've got the relationships with the marketplace.And often you know, if I know during kovit if you wanted to get on catch,you know we're getting 2000 people a day applying Isauria Week 2000 a week it was,you know, that was just businesses,yes? So sometimes you know you did apply and you wouldn't get in the door,so. You know we can do introductions for you as well,and you know if we think you're a good fit.
00:19:49 - Shaun
So once that product ends up on Kogan what happens then is the sale will get imported back into your economist,or so it's just like any other order and you can manage it within Shopify like you normally would.Any order coming direct from the site and then once you ship it,you put your tracking number on an that will then send the tracking number back to Cogan to complete the fulfillment process and that's it.So they don't have to learn.
00:20:15 - Shaun
Some you know complicated or convoluted app because each marketplace has their own way of doing things.So we've kind of standardized it as much as possible within our app to simplify it and streamline it.
00:20:28 - Tim
Am I missing something here in that?There's just a whole lot of money being left on the table by most product based businesses in the world.If they're not doing this,I I feel I feel like I've tapped into a little,you know, bucket of gold.
00:20:46 - Tim
Tim, it's it's Ground Zero like March.Sorry yeah, March last year,if you go to any of the marketplaces share prices,
00:20:54 - Shaun
you can almost superimpose the COVID curve.You know it's it's been a sleeping giant,so I'm giving example Kogan share price.The beginning of March was $4 and then six months later was $25.It's come down now since,but that just shows you,I mean, the marketplace is experienced anywhere between 200 and 400%growth within a few months when COVID hit so.
00:21:22 - Shaun
And what color did it actually forced?I mean, a lot of retail stores had to close or not have to.But you know, I mean it,
00:21:30 - Tim
it kind of forced them to look online and people were going to put a lot of pressure on them to maintain all those,you know, external costs, yes.
00:21:39 - Shaun
And look, there was just all all of a sudden a whole bunch of demand.And like you know we had given a couple of examples.There's one guy that was selling wine and.You know he was. He was doing OK,but we put him on a couple of marketplaces and all of a sudden you know he's doing 200 grand a month and that was you know.
00:22:01 - Shaun
So you basically don't know where his numbers were before that,but it was. You know the biggest growth had seen in five years or however long it being online,and he's like why didn't I do this before?So there's a lot of people just waking up to it.And it's, it's definitely, I'd say here to stay now,because if you look at the people online and I remember you know we started buying HelloFresh and during COVID and obviously things are settling down now with COVID,although I think it's another announcement today so who knows.
00:22:34 - Shaun
But you know, those buying habits often stick.
00:22:38 - Tim
So yeah, well COVID enabled a big education process for a large amount of people that hadn't happened before really.You know we were was forced apanas and tell me elephant in the room.I guess I'm giving away a whole lot of margin if I go down this path.Now I'm giving away margin to the marketplace.I don't want to talk you out of business and you know you can put forward.
00:22:59 - Tim
You know what I'm going to say here.But if I use your business to get on all the marketplace is the tickets being clipped twice right?That's fair to size it.If I just use the marketplace,is it still being clipped once so there's an issue of margin.
00:23:15 - Tim
Do I charge more on a marketplace as I would on my own e-commerce site or in my own bricks and mortar store?What? How do we price here?The marketplace is depending on which one it it ranges,
00:23:28 - Shaun
the commissions that the marketplace charge ranges anywhere from 7%to say 20 and I'd say the average is around.10 or 11%, so that in itself if you compare that to what you would be spending,let's say you're engaging in digital agency and they're doing Google Adwords and SEO.You're going to be paying them off,and you know 23 grand a month.
00:23:52 - Shaun
And if you look at the average product,let's say it's, you know $75 and you do the maths often,you know as we go from Studio Hawk said,you know, it could be six months before you see a return.So that's one thing. If you put on a marketplace the you know within a month if you're going to get results.
00:24:12 - Shaun
But the other thing is that if you're going through the traditional method of doing it,engaging and added agency or digital agency,you know it can be 25%of you know, the cost of goods sold.It's quite high. So it's very cost effective to list on agencies and you know,we charge that 60 bucks a month for our service per product.
00:24:35 - Tim
No, no, no. We're we're are started starting package is is 60 bucks a month and that's up to I think 500 products.
00:24:43 - Shaun
Jeez, I'll take one. I don't have anything to sell.
00:24:46 - Tim
I've got a boil. If you get in there,we're going to have to revise it about 'cause we've got a couple of customers.
00:24:54 - Shaun
You know that like paying 60 and doing a couple of 100.In some cases you know more,so I need to have a good day and it's been so crazy the last year.But, you know, we're definitely the cheapest in the market,
00:25:08 - Tim
and that's partially a strategy on my behalf.Tell me about that strategy.Pricing always fascinates me cheapest because you're trying to build a client base or cheapest because that's just part of your value set.
00:25:21 - Shaun
Before COVID I was, you know,I kind of saw the opportunity here and I just looked at the competition.An you know that we're doing alright,and I thought, well, I'll just undercut them a little bit.And also, you know it's not just enough to undercut the competition.
00:25:39 - Shaun
You also have to add a few extra value adds so you know we turned ours into a simplified and also offered a done for you service,and I think most people are time poor and not technical,so that worked well and not just for the end client.It actually works well for the marketplaces,so the marketplace. We don't spend any money on advertising,so the marketplaces benefit from us being an integrator because we reduce the amount of work that they have to do.
00:26:11 - Shaun
Because if you had an app to a mom and dad.Or some of those non technical you know,garbage in, garbage out. If they don't kind of get the category mappings right.Or you know the image quality as you mentioned is poor.Will then the marketplace will just reject it and you know.
00:26:29 - Shaun
So we reduce the support at the market based level as well so it's a win win.
00:26:39 - Tim
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End Quote if you want to have school yourself or your team,head over to &up to get instant access to hundreds of free courses and certifications today.That's HubSpot dot AU.Sean, I get all my products onto the various marketplaces.
00:28:02 - Tim
What can I expect from them in terms of promoting my product?
00:28:07 - Shaun
There are different promotions depending on which marketplace you go for.
00:28:13 - Tim
All paid yes. Yep and some of them look it could be.I mean Amazon's obviously the big,
00:28:19 - Shaun
the big one and an eBay.They've got all sorts of options,but it could be as simple as you know 10%off sale. Surprisingly a lot of the new ones don't have alot of promo options like I think currently at the time of this recording,Kogan only has just 10%
00:28:36 - Tim
off cheese. I would. I would have thought it would be a revenue stream for these marketplaces to offer packages to say hey,you know give us $6 and will put you on the home page or.Give us $6 and will rank you in the top on page.One of the sort of any search that happens.They're not doing this look.
00:28:54 - Shaun
Most of them are. I mean,cogans, probably out live there,but you know they've had so much growth,
00:28:59 - Tim
they probably I'll get around to it.Yeah, but yeah, look at a lot of them,
00:29:03 - Shaun
do some of them, will do dollar for dollar like it might be.You know Facebook campaign and they can work quite well.But look, I think if I get to that stage like Amazon where you gotta be paid to be seen,it's it's almost like going back to that digital agency as well.It's it's not really a level playing field,so it defeats the purpose,doesn't it doesn't? And yeah,
00:29:26 - Tim
so we don't generally push people towards Amazon for for that reason you know directory's like whether it be a LinkedIn or a trip adviser.There very Google friendly. I'm,you know, if I was to Google your name,one of the first. Search results would be,you know, Sean Latham, LinkedIn profile,right? If I Google a restaurant,often trip adviser will be one of the first listings as opposed to the restaurants actually own website.
00:29:54 - Tim
Is this the same for marketplaces?Do they have a lot of what I call Google Juice?
00:30:00 - Shaun
They absolutely do, and one of the interesting things that I mean,if you were to search for a pair of Nike Runners,for example, if you jump into Google and.Type that in what you'll see the way that the Google search results pages structured up the top,you'll have all that kind of image,paid ads an invariably you'll see that sneaker will be like eBay.
00:30:23 - Shaun
It'll be kogan. It'll be catch the day.You know, Amazon, and the reason they're there is because they can outbid the small guys.They've got massive ad spends.Well, that's not Google Juice,
00:30:35 - Tim
so that's just paid. They're paying to be there.But even organically I find a lot of these directories appear.You know or they appear organically,as opposed to paid so absolutely look they'll have you know their authoritie sites.
00:30:51 - Shaun
So all of those big names there,all authorities sites, they'll rank very well organically.So so often you'll see them listed in the paid and just below in the organic,but that organic space is very small now.
00:31:05 - Tim
I think it's like 6 organic listings and you got them on time right on the top and the bottom.Yeah, so yeah, yeah chapter one.Is almost becoming a full page ad of Google these days.Maybe we'll find our way to page 2,which I've always thought just had tumbleweeds rolling down the screen,but maybe page 2 is going to become really important at a point in time,because pageonce just adds and it's biased.
00:31:30 - Tim
Oh look, I know the concentration span of the average web server.I think it will always be page one.Yeah, OK, I hear you tell me we've spoken a lot about a product based businesses.Is anything of what we've spoken about cannot apply to service.Based businesses, yeah, it's not something we focus on.
00:31:47 - Shaun
One of my sea guys does actually focus on service based marketplaces and there are a lot out there.You know, find a tradie.There's a whole swag of them,yeah, but it's not something that we're focusing on at the moment.
00:32:01 - Tim
OK, very interesting that discussion I.It's beautifully simple. Actually. Like I sort of feel like we could move on from it because it's actually not that complicated.What we know is that now there's a whole lot of marketplaces out there.A very long list of them.In fact, what I might do is get you to send me a list of them Sean,and I'll put them in the show notes to this episode over its small business as a product based business,we should be listing on them,particularly if our products are unique to us and they're not just other people's brands.
00:32:34 - Tim
And you know, if we don't do that,we're leaving money on the table info Bites media is your business,and they do this. You don't run ads,you've got. You haven't got a fancy website,but you've got 15 staff and you're growing.
00:32:46 - Tim
Pretty quickly. And is it all word of mouth is that you just sort of tapped into a little a little?What do they call it?Asim Asim of gold? Yeah,
00:32:56 - Shaun
yeah, so well, yeah I used to use that analogy when I kind of moved over.It's, you know, we stop mining the gold and selling the picks and shovels.Basically so.But in terms of growth,yeah, as I mentioned, you know,I've never. I've always been a business to business guy,so to me business is about relationships and you know on the Internet you sort of where you listen to podcasts or YouTube and you'll think that it's all aboutsome tripwire or squeeze page and all that sort of nonsense.
00:33:29 - Shaun
But when it gets down to it,what I try and think about it probably comes back to,you know, when I started,my lack of confidence in selling to be honest.You know, when I started the digital agency,I always had a sell sell through model in mind.
00:33:46 - Shaun
So I remember, you know,searching for people that had my customer for example.And I think for the listeners if you can.You know form strategic partnerships that's worth its weight in gold because you know,and I guess you know,work out where your customers are hanging out.
00:34:05 - Shaun
But more importantly, who has them and is there a way that you could collaborate with that person for getting back to you know Studio Hawk?We have similar customers. Lawrence is kindly sent me some and I'll send him some back.Will scratch each other's back and you know that's that's kind of one way to,you know, generate business and.Bring it back to the marketplace.
00:34:28 - Shaun
All of our clients come from other happy clients and the marketplaces themselves,because again, we're adding value for the marketplace themselves because we're reducing the amount of work and we ultimately bringing in orders into the E commerce sites for our clients.And so it's, you know if we bring in orders,it's unlikely they're going to cancel the subscription,so.
00:34:52 - Tim
Sure, I love to chat to my business owners about work life balance.Do you got it? If you got any?
00:34:58 - Shaun
Yes, the last year has been incredibly hectic.I mean, we just got absolutely hammered and you know,a few things broken and I just hung on to my health.
00:35:07 - Tim
You know, it's pretty stressful to be honest.So how loud you go?It was fine, but you just,
00:35:12 - Shaun
you know you have those days,you know you look at you.You look at your inbox.Defines religion cooking. It was just it was,you know, I was just waiting for it to end.
00:35:22 - Shaun
An orderly settle down had you hang on few things.I've been meditating for a few days that really helped with this,just sort of centering myself and and and like yourself.I'm clean on the swimming so I'd swim most days.Love anything. Water sports but ocean ski and epic surf ski which will get on down the peninsula and you know check out some dolphins and kind of get close
00:35:50 - Tim
to nature. Yeah fantastic. You're a fellow ocean swimmer.I know it's lovely to talk to another one and.Boy boy, what a gift that is high it really is.
00:36:01 - Shaun
I think there's something special about water and I think we all kind of come out out the worm and and there's some something particularly saltwater.Yeah. I mean as I said I had to swim this morning just to kind of,you know get me get me reset and you know I did I came out of it just feeling alive it was 14 degrees so I didn't have the wetsuit on so yeah but it's a great way to start the day.And swim hawford be proud of you.
00:36:29 - Tim
I'm a big fan of wienhoff yeah so I'm I'm I'm very keen to get him on the show actually so anyone listening who knows him please do an emailintro. Timid dot AU thank you.
00:36:40 - Shaun
Yes. And the other thing is I think it's good to have a hobby.So I joined a rock band few years ago.Did I look at your fellow you kidding?Here? It's it's. You don't have that ticked off your bucket list.
00:36:52 - Tim
I reckon Timbo it's it's a good one.Hello mate, it's amazing. I I love ocean simulation swimming.And I've just joined on the lead singer of.Well, we haven't 90. You know I've got the night.It's a bunch of old blokes and I I'm suggesting the painkillers.
00:37:06 - Tim
So is it good now?What's the name of your band and what are you doing it?It's the sacred cows you'd be old enough to remember,
00:37:14 - Shaun
get smart and there was an episode there where the band I think it was.
00:37:18 - Tim
Chaos is band replying. Psychedelic music was going to hypnotize everyone and take over the world over there.
00:37:24 - Shaun
And yeah, there's a 60s kind of thing.But yeah this formed out of.
00:37:28 - Tim
Local primary school camping trip and you see you're playing but I'm I'm in the rhythm section so I play bass and I can kind of just sit in the
00:37:36 - Shaun
background and groove. And yeah,we were hoping to play a gig in a couple of weeks,but who knows with this little restrictions?
00:37:44 - Tim
I mean again, in time we're working towards a gig.There's a there's a little country town up near me at the back of New South called Pomona at sorry Koran Koran and they have am an open mic nightevery every month so we're sort of.Slowly working towards that, what's what?What's what's the song that you guys love to play?
00:38:05 - Shaun
I like we always finish on Bruce Springsteen born to run and big so yeah.And the last time we played at the Palace Hotel Camberwell,I blew up the amp so it's quite proud of that.The smell of burning electric wires very rock and roll.
00:38:21 - Tim
It was very Spinal Tap.Yeah yeah, they just smash your guitar against it.Once you knew it was blowing up.
00:38:28 - Shaun
No no. All for that,
00:38:29 - Tim
but yeah, we've we've gotta hit around painted black by the by The Rolling Stones it's our that's our big Christian.So what's the yeah it is a good one.Oh wow that's amazing mate what's your number?One tip for business owners in regards to well being there'd be a few business owners listening who are exhausted right now.
00:38:48 - Shaun
Look, I can only speak for myself.One of the big things that I did and it's very Australian,
00:38:53 - Tim
but I cut down the amount of alcohol consumed during the week so you know it's when I'm browsing.Yeah, I know. I thought you'd be disapproving of that.No, not at all. It's fully,I fully encourage her. I had.I'm an investor in liars,non alcoholic spirits. So yeah,you know like no don't worry about that.
00:39:13 - Tim
Yeah, let's alcohol the better.Yeah I just found you know for years you just get into that habit and a couple of chardonnays.
00:39:21 - Shaun
Or whatever your passion is.And I had a DNA test DNA fit.I'll give a shout out to them.And I sort of found out is quite flat even after just having a few beers and came back that I had this.It's gene mutation MTHR or something,but it means that I don't process vitamin B well well and alcohol reduces your vitamin B.
00:39:42 - Shaun
So I think that had a lot to do with the brain fog and all that sort of stuff.So that made a big difference for me and I think.Yeah, I've kind of kept that going and I'll still have a beer on the weekend.And, you know, after a giggle,reward myself. But you know,I think for business owners you know we tend to be reactive all the time.
00:40:04 - Shaun
An you know, we just feel a little bit overwhelmed.So I think if you know mental health is so important and if you can have a little bit of clarity and I think having a bit of a breakfrom the dog now and then,it's not a bad thing.You just a little bit better place to deal with.
00:40:19 - Shaun
You know what hits you on a daily basis.And also I think more importantly.Be more strategic because. I think sometimes we just kind of go through the motions,but if you can have a bit of clarity and a little bit of time to yourself and then the other thing I do on my spare time is just
00:40:37 - Tim
go for long walks on the on the beach with the dog bit and sometimes when I'm thinking time.That's awesome buddy. Well Sean,great stories mate dot AU.You got marketplaces nailed through info bytes you gotta be ocean swimming you gotta band happening I'm gonna love it.Well done to you and I hope they're coming the coming years as marketplaces do become more popular and people and business owners are aware of them that you makea gazillion dollars but absolutely no.
00:41:07 - Tim
It's been an absolute pleasure.
00:41:09 - Shaun
I will say we're launching a news site called Aghora dot AU.
00:41:14 - Tim
That'll be. Beta say offering when's it going up?Look at it's there now,
00:41:18 - Shaun
but we haven't fully kind of promoted it.
00:41:20 - Tim
Alright, well, we'll check that out as well.Thanks a lot Sean antastic.Thanks for having me.Well, there you go. Team marketplace guru Sean Latham had refined that any learnings?What are you going to do differently in your business as a result of that?
00:41:40 - Tim
Maybe list all your products on all the marketplace as you possibly can,so I'd be doing. If you do,then Sean is kindly offered you an exclusive and you're not going to find this anywhere else.10% discount office services over at Dot AU.Just go to the contact page.
00:42:01 - Tim
Use the promo code Timbo and you are away or give me a buzz.0408858885 and mentioned me I'll say that again 0408858885 mention me and he will look after you also put a link in the show notes over at small business Hey here's what grabbed my attention from that chat with Sean,attention grabber number one.Any business selling products via their own store should also list all their products on all relevant marketplaces.
00:42:35 - Tim
That seems like a no brainer.I hope you do it and I hope you make lots more money as a result of doing it.I'll send you my bank account details later.Attention grabber #2. The amount of marketplaces that are actually out there that caught my attention.There's the big daddies like eBay and Amazon.
00:42:53 - Tim
But then there's all the nice ones as well.So if you're wondering which ones suit your business again,contact Sean 0408858885 attention grabber #3.I love how Sean's in ocean swimmer,just like me now I'm not proposing that you become an ocean swimmer,but if you do, let me know 'cause maybe one day we can swim together.
00:43:13 - Tim
It's awesome, but I do hope you've got some kind of well being regime.To support you being the motivated business owner that you are,you got it. Awesome. That's what grabbed my attention.Now write down this number.It's another number and call me after the show is over 0480015150.
00:43:34 - Tim
That is the small business,big marketing hotline and listener Melissa Peacock did give it a buzz and here's what she had to say.Hey Tim, my name is Melissa Peacock and I can't tell you how grateful I am that you and your guests have helped me grow the perfect resume from scratchto six figures in under two years.I have listened to every single podcast and have actionable items from all of them.
00:44:04 - Tim
My favorite would have to be the genuine an ideas packed episode number 428 with Andrew Banks from the Shark Tank.I've also learned a lot from everyone on the Facebook group.So just say thank you if anyone would like their resume reviewed for free,you can head to dot AU I.I'm gonna wrap this up keeping goal driven Lee awesome and persistent.
00:44:32 - Tim
Everyone, especially you timber by Melissa VAT,right? There is a great message and you've made my week 6 figure business in under two years from ideas learned from this podcast.That's awesome. Well done to you.I mean, I'm kind of proud that you found the ideas on my podcast,but you know what? The Magic's in the action,and you took action, and thank you for the generous listen offer that is awesome.
00:44:59 - Tim
That's exactly what I do.If I had an opportunity to call into a podcast,I'd make an offer to the listeners and get a bit of exposure.Check out Melissa's business over at the perfect's a great website and a great little business,and I hope next time you reach out Melissa it is a 7 figure business.
00:45:19 - Tim
Next episode, you and I are going to catch up with another inspiring business owner who's used some form of marketing to build their empire.We love that if you haven't already,be sure to grab a copy of my book The Boomerang effect over it's small business'd love to hear what marketing is working for you.So give the small business big marketing hotline a buzz 0480015150 if you're loving the podcast,then you'll find 555 more episodes on your favorite podcast.
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App and guess what? This podcast was presented by me Timbo read the music bed.Well that was written, sung and produced by Lucky Dolly.He's ace and the entire madness gently cajoled together by producer David Zalenski until next time.Thank you so much for tuning in.May your marketing be the absolute best marketing.
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